Wright Runstad & Company is a leader in sustainable development and operations, with over 4.6 million square feet of developed and/or managed space that achieved LEED certification. Six buildings in the Wright Runstad & Company portfolio have achieved an Energy Star rating of 75 or higher, indicating that they are among the top 25% of facilities in the country for energy performance as certified by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

Sustainable operations are an ever evolving process that requires not only the Wright Runstad & Company staff, but a partnership with our owners, tenants, and vendors in order to be successful. At all our managed properties we continually review energy consumption, evaluate ways to improve efficiencies, and introduce programs to reduce the waste streams, such as recycling and composting programs. We provide our tenants best practices in "greening" their workspace, which helps bring a collaborative approach to reducing our buildings' overall carbon footprints.

Wright Runstad & Company has partnered with BetterBricks, an initiative of the Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance, in the development of a comprehensive sustainable operating program. Through BetterBricks, we were one of the companies to beta test a carbon footprint tool designed to measure the carbon output of a building.

Additionally, Wright Runstad & Company has joined with other downtown property owners and managers to share utility data to create a Seattle 2030 District. Goals of this initiative, both achieved and ongoing, are:

  • a 10 percent reduction for operating energy, water consumption, and greenhouse gas emissions of auto and freight in existing buildings by 2015, and start increasing to a 50 percent reduction by 2030;
  • for operating energy of new and renovated buildings, an immediate 60 percent reduction with the focus being to achieve carbon neutrality by 2030;
  • in new and renovated buildings, an immediate 50 percent reduction of greenhouse gas emissions of auto and freight, and water consumption.